Jennifer M. Shlomovich

        CPC, ELI-MP

My Story

Hello, and welcome! My name is Jennifer (most people call me Jen) and I help women who struggle with confidence, eliminate people-pleasing and live a life of freedom.


I learned the painful consequence of people-pleasing and living my life based on what other people think I should be doing. A tragic event in 2007 woke me up and took me on a painful and powerful journey. I am now a Certified Personal Development Coach on a mission to help others confidently be themselves. My personal experience combined with my training allows me to help others experience their own powerful transformations.


I used to value the happiness of others over my own. I felt guilty if I let other people down. I would say “yes” to things when I really wanted to say “no”. I felt I needed to be, who others wanted me to be. I didn’t know who I really was and I didn’t take the time to figure that out for myself. I ignored the “red flags” of people who I later realized were toxic and emotionally abusive. I would discredit my feelings and try to focus on their “good” qualities. I would just go numb and shout out my feelings, because being honest about my feelings and my experiences, was to painful to think about. 


On May 4, 2007 I received a phone call that changed my life forever. My mom had a heart attack and was unconscious in the hospital. She passed away a few days later. This unexpected loss hit me hard. I felt sad about all the things my mom kept saying she wanted to accomplish "one day" but never did. She kept ignoring her needs and pushing the things she wanted in life aside. Sadly "one day" never came for her. This traumatic event was a catalyst for me to start taking an honest look at my life and addressing my needs. I was not going to wait for “one day”. I went to therapy and it was like a cloud had lifted. For the first time I started connecting to myself and respecting myself. The toxic people in my life who I tolerated for so long did not like this change in me. For the first time I was able to confidently set boundaries with them, which they did not like or respect. I finally felt empowered to say no and take a stand!


Making changes from my old ways was a chaotic roller coaster that eventually allowed me transition to a peaceful, happy and fulfilled life. In May of 2017 I became a certified coach through iPEC (Institute For Professional Excellence In Coaching).

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