• Is overwhelm making you tired and unproductive?

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Too much stress can impact all areas of life. I started to take stress very seriously when my mom died unexpectedly from a heart attack back in 2007. There were a lot of things she wanted to accomplish, but never did. She would frequently say she would do things "one day". Eventually "one day" never came for her. 

This woke me up and made me take a hard look at my own life. I was a people-pleaser who felt overwhelmed trying to be who other people wanted me to be. I ignored my feelings and disregarded my needs. It took hitting rock bottom in misery for me to finally say enough is enough and do the healing work on myself that was necessary for me to reinvent my life.


Jennifer M. Shlomovich
           CPC, ELI-MP             

My journey has inspired me to help other women. I became a certified coach in 2017 through iPEC (Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching). I now help women who feel overwhelmed, eliminate stress so they can improve their health and increase productivity.  

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For more support, check out my YouTube channel Confidently Be You. Confidently being yourself can feel intimidating, especially when you want to do things that are different from the people around you. That is why I created my YouTube channel Confidently Be You. Each week I share inspirational conversations with others about how they overcame fear and forged their own path. I also share videos covering a variety of topics.