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"Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" - Dr. Seuss

 Jennifer M. Shlomovich


(Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner)

On May 4th, 2007 I received a phone call that changed my life forever. My mom was in the hospital and had a heart attack. She was unconscious for a few days before passing away. She did not take care of herself and frequently ignored her own needs in order to support others. She would frequently write out plans for the future and was easily derailed from taking action, hoping to achieve these things "one day". Sadly "one day" never came. This event woke me up and I began to reevaluate my life. I saw myself on a similar path as my mom. I was overweight after having my son and struggled with emotional eating to deal with stress. I used to be a chronic people-pleaser who was held captive by self-doubt for many years. I was consumed by constant guilt, fear, shame and anxiety if I let others down. I consistently compromised my own needs and believed I needed to be who other people wanted me to be in order to be loved and accepted. I really believed I didn't matter and was in a toxic relationship where I felt the little sense of self that I had slowly erode away. I wanted to make changes in my life, but felt incapable. I would go emotionally numb to avoid the pain. Eventually the pain of staying stuck where I was became too unbearable. I knew I needed to make changes in order to alter the course of my life. I found a therapist and my journey towards healing started when I stopped avoiding my feelings and honestly looked at what happened in my life. Taking care of my emotional health allowed me to evolve, grow and recreate my life both personally and professionally.

I am now on a mission to help other moms reduce stress and anxiety, so they can improve their health, increase energy and feel productive. When we feel good on the inside, we can take action on the outside. I offer 1:1 coaching sessions virtually and in person (NYC only) and use a variety of tools to create individualized programs for my clients. 


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