Owning a business while working a full-time job can be overwhelming. There is a constant pressure to be present for your day job, while finding time to build and promote your business. 

Add on the demands of running a household, time with family and other social obligations, and your dreams of being a successful entrepreneur can feel like an impossible pipe dream.


As a business owner who works full-time in another industry, I understand the struggle all to well. I used to feel overwhelmed dividing my time with my day job, business and the rest of my life. I was pulled in too many directions and constantly stressed. This took away from the joy I experienced working in my business and impacted my productivity. Being able to keep up with tasks at home like making meals and managing clutter felt impossible. Feeling stuck and overwhelmed lead to me falling back into old emotional eating habits and doing less exercise. I felt like a failure and I was constantly annoyed with myself for not doing the things I wanted to do.  My mind felt like it was in a constant state of chaos with thoughts of all the things I should be doing, but I wasn't doing. I was completely stuck!

Things began to change in my life when I turned to the coaching tools I use with my clients to help pull myself out of my emotional funk. After some work with myself, I was able to reinstate balance back into my life. I was able to keep up with things at home much better and consistently be productive with my business after a busy day working in my day job.


My experience inspired me to focus on helping other women entrepreneurs who are also juggling the demands of a day job, eliminate stress, create balance and increase productivity. Is this you? If so, I would like to invite you to schedule a Clarity Call with me, where I can help you create a plan to eliminate stress, restore balance and increase productivity.

For more support, check out my YouTube channel Confidently Be You. Confidently being yourself can feel intimidating, especially when you want to do things that are different from the people around you. That is why I created my YouTube channel Confidently Be You. Each week I share inspirational conversations with others about how they overcame fear and forged their own path. I also share videos covering a variety of topics. 

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