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As a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Personal Development and Vegan Nutrition, I view health from a whole picture perspective. Our health is not only impacted by what we eat and how much we exercise. It is about what makes us happy and what stresses us out. This can include relationships, family, career, money, spirituality and mindset.

My Story & Mission

Transitioning to a healthy vegan diet focusing mostly on whole foods  has allowed me to lose weight and take control of my health. For many years I have struggled with quick fix diets that did not lead to lasting results. I would feel deprived and when I eventually hit a plateau, would gain back the weight I lost and then some. After I had my son, I weighed over 200 pounds and was the heaviest I ever had been. On May 4, 2007 I received a phone call that changed my life forever. My mom had a heart attack and was unconscious in the hospital. She passed away a few days later. This unexpected loss hit me hard. I also felt sad about all the things my mom kept saying she wanted to accomplish "one day" but never did. Sadly "one day" never came for her. This traumatic event was a catalyst for me to start taking care of my own health and take steps towards my other life goals. I was not going to wait for "one day". I lost over 50 pounds, worked on my self-esteem and transitioned my career.

In 2017 I committed to a vegan lifestyle to further my health results. I noticed how eating animal products and other processed foods impacted my body, energy and mood. I was also concerned about results from my doctor, which showed I had elevated blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. I knew if I did not continue to work on my health I would run risk of having health problems like my mom. Since switching over to a vegan lifestyle, my health has continued to improve as well as my overall sense of well-being. What has helped me switch over to this way of eating is the fact that there is so much variety to eat and it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.  I have also learned how to make healthy versions of comfort food and desserts that have helped me not feel deprived. I love teaching others what I have learned about creating delicious food that are also healthy.

My journey of improving my own health has taught me a lot. I am now on a mission to help other women reclaim their health and live a fulfilling life now, instead of waiting for "one day". 

You too can live the life you want instead of waiting for "one day".

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