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  • Do you say yes to others when you really want to say no?

  • Do you feel people won’t like you if you are honest about your feelings?

  • Do you never seem to have time to do the things you want to do?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed about the expectations of others?

  • Do you feel anxious about making decisions for yourself?



If you said yes to any of these questions, you could be a people-pleaser.

People-pleasers suppress their feelings out of fear of upsetting others. They also mold who they are to fit the needs and expectations of the people around them. This leads to a lot of stress and anxiety because they are living the life of someone else and not being authentic to who they are. Because of this, they feel lost and confused about their true identity. This impacts their happiness both personally and professionally. 


As a former people-pleaser myself, I understand how difficult this way of life can be. It took hitting rock bottom in misery for me to finally say enough and do the work on myself  so that I could live a life of freedom, joy and peace. I now help support others who are seeking to create the same in their lives.


As a coach I hold space for my clients to unpack their struggles and discover who they are. I also provide tools and trainings that allow them to create the fresh start they desire.


Are you a people-pleaser tired of sacrificing your happiness?  If you are looking for support and a process for change I can help. Click here to schedule a clarity call.